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And I say Romania is my country!


And I say Romania is my country!


“Destiny is the excuse of the weak and the work of the strong” – Nicolae Titulescu

Like many others, I have lived for a while as an expat. My choice was Austria (that’s in Europe, if you have any doubts – nothing to do with Australia). For almost three years I have lived and worked away from friends and loved ones, trying to learn and grow and live among people with a very different mentality from Romanians. It has been a rewording experience, one that will drive my views on life for a long time in the future.

It was my choice to do this. I wasn’t driven to leave by a life of poverty or lack of perspective in my home country, like so many others. It was a choice to learn and experience life outside Romania, to try and see how some of the most productive and evolved people in the world manage to balance their lives and how they got to be who and where they are now. I knew even before leaving that I would come back. I wanted to return and bring this experience with me as sort of a guide to how we should approach and deal with social and economic problems here in Romania, what can we take from their lifestyle that would help us move forward as a nation among nations.

So, what have I learned from this experience?

  1. It was definitely worth it as life experience!
  2. I wouldn’t do it too many times…
  3. I wouldn’t leave Romania for good for any other country in the world!
  4. It’s hard! Harder than most of you think!
  5. Leaving without knowing exactly where you go and why you go is never a good choice!
  6. Plan the work and work the plan!
  7. Always have a backup! Or two! Always have an exit strategy, know what you have to do and what you need to do not only tomorrow or this week, but a few months or years (if you can) in advance!

That’s the advice I would give to anyone thinking about going to live and work abroad. As for the ones already gone, who don’t think of comming back… Well, that’s your choice, but think of this: if all the good people leave, who’s left? Who’s going to build a better world for the ones you leave behind?

Have a fruitful journey, stay safe and always remember who you are!

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